The usual discussion of Public – Private: but what about the mobile?

A gifted person recently drew my attention to the fact that our portable devices such as the mobile and the portable computer has a huge impact on the way we perceive the internet in a very particular way. The difference between the traditional use of the internet accessed via stable computers e.g. in the private sphere of the home and the wireless internet accessed via e.g. the mobile or the portable computer is in terms of the general perception of the medium and accordingly social uses of the medium. The internet was in the general public traditionally used mostly in the private sphere – at home. One major factor in regards to the use of the internet has therefore been the clash between the public and the private sphere, that is, the access of the public sphere into the private sphere – the home and most importantly into the child’s playroom. An important safety measure in regards to to eg. raising one’s child in the network society has therefore traditionally been to make children aware of the public nature of the internet when using it, e.g. when they produce content on the internet. But what if the use of mobiles to access the wireless network will cause a move of the internet from the private realm back into the public realm in terms of perception? And will this actually mean that people in general (and children) will become more aware of the public nature of the internet and accordingly new social rules connected with the use of the wireless network will automatically emerge? hmmmm….that might be the case. at least it’s a challenging thought. And by the way the man who drew my attetion to this and that I have just referenced is called Francesco Lapenta and is a lecturer in Visual Sociology at The University of Roskilde