Images with “something else” attached to it…

It is often said that with global media the world has become smaller. We talk about “the global village” connected by wires and images that transgress and transform traditional borders – geographical and cultural. A place where the images and voices from around the world provide us with a greater “feeling” of cultures different and distant from our own. Media images let us know how “they” look, what “they” think, what “their” agendas are etc.

This is actually a very beautiful, but also very naive thought about how media affects our lives!

I was supposed to fly to Mumbai last night the 27th of November. But the night of the 26th of November, while I was getting ready for my trip, images of horrific events far away in Mumbai started sieving in through my television into my little secure homespere. And suddenly the world seemed so much smaller to me. Suddenly Mumbai was as close as the images I saw on CNN. I was folllowing the events as they unrolled as if I was there myself. And that’s when I realized that it’s not every day Mumbai seems just around the corner to me.

In the end I didn’t fly to Mumbai, but somehow it feels as if I have already been there. And this really made me think about how global media does not mean global consciousness. Although, I myself can thank global media for having grown up with a greater understanding of “the other”. I still believe that the media images we see every day are really just perceived as icons of what they represent. It is not until we attach the texture of our feelings to the media images that the world suddenly seems smaller. Our consciousness about the world is very much rooted in our everyday life experiences, choices and feelings.

We still need to add the “something else” to the images, before we can truly call the world a “global village”.