New to Twitter

I have recently become a Twitter user – yes I know I am behind with creating an account… however…

This means that I am completly new to the social rules and customs of this specific community. And this is a great feeling. I guess this is the great thing about our internet communities in general; that we constantly have to recreate ourselves, moving between the many online  social and cultural spaces.  It  demands from people to be flexible.

On Twitter I love the  search engine where I can search any term I want and then being met with a list of “twitters” – moods, information, links, whereabouts – from people all over the world and fields.

At the present I feel a tiny bit lonely on Twitter though. I have only two “followers”, and I am not sure if I am providing them with anything useful with my twitters since they are 1) situated on each their side of the world and 2) work in two very different fields. The only thing that connects them in this world is me, because I know (or at least I have known) both of them at some point in my non-virtual life.

Well, somehow this is what makes the internet a great place to explore: The connecting points between the physical world and the virtual are people. And thus the life we live online is made of the stuff that makes us people: dreams, identity, ideas, imagination.