Study of Youth, Privacy and Social Media: Facebook is a precondition for social participation

PUBLICATIONS: In 2013 the think tank Digital Youth conducted a study among Danish youth in 11 focus groups to explore their strategies to control their privacy on social media.

The study illustrated how social media are the core infrastructure of the young people’s everyday lives. Social media, in particular Facebook, is also described as an integrated part of their identity and they consider the conditions prescribed by the service regarding its use of their personal data as a precondition for social participation. The alternative to not accepting these conditions, as they describe it, would be not to be part of the social network of friends, not to be able to communicate, not to have an online identity. While they are very consciously aware of their ‘social privacy’ among friends and family on the online social platforms, they are little aware of the way in which their data is repurposed by third parties.

I translated into English and reworked the original Danish analysis that I authored together with Rikke F. Jørgensen and Verner Leth in 2013 (see report from 2013). Read the English translation and rework here. The results will also be presented in mine and Rikke F. Jørgensen’s forthcoming article “Youth, Privacy and Social Media: Framing the Right to Privacy in Public Policymaking”.

The Focus Group Survey 2013: Youth’s Public and Private Lives on Social Media