An online talk on Privacy as a competitive advantage at the Mozilla Speaker Series

Discussions of privacy are often framed in terms of struggling against those who threaten it: governments, corporations or other authorities. But it’s not just an ‘activist’ fight to make the case for privacy: it’s just better business.

Today it’s a competitive edge for companies to respect user privacy and their right to control their own data. The organizations who view data ethics as a social responsibility – who place similar importance on data as they do environmental awareness and respect for human rights – will win in the market.

Gry shares both broad industry trends as well as specific case studies of companies employing data ethics. She also shows how citizens and consumers are no longer just concerned about lack of control over their data, but are starting to act – demonstrating the importance of digital trust to growth and prosperity. She explores how new business models, advances in technology and a new European data protection regulation support a growing market for data-ethical products and services.

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