Writing a book: The Privacy Paradigm Shift in Business Development

PUBLICATIONS: Pernille Tranberg og Gry Hasselbalch are currently writing a book about Data Ethics in business development. The book is based on more than 40 business cases worldwide. Expected publication in English and Danish summer 2016.

Book description:

The latest trend in digital media business development is “privacy”. In the aftermath of revelations of mass surveillance, hacks of personal data and an increasing sensation of lack of control among consumers, a company’s privacy awareness and data ethics is pivotal. Not as an necessary evil, but as a new commercial market, an essential CSR focus, a longterm strategy and as the foundation for creative and innovative business processes. Consumers are demanding it and the fastest moving companies are responding by explicitly addressing issues of data ethics and privacy. The fastest growing new companies have built entire businesses on personal data control. The trendsetters are turning towards the online environments that offer exactly that. And just around the corner awaits an European regulatory reform with an eye on exactly that. This is a transformative shift in the way consumers, regulators and business developers perceive our digitalized data’s function in the world and every day life. We describe the data ethical “privacy paradigm shift” as a social movement, a cultural transition and technological development that increasingly puts the consumer and their individual right to privacy at the centre.

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