A human rights guide for internet users adapted to young people

AWARENESS RAISING: This guide is adapted to you internet users to provide them  with insights into their human rights online.

In 2014 the Council of Europe published a guide for human rights addressed to internet users. The guide aims to help internet users in communicating with and seeking effective recourse to key Internet actors and government agencies when they consider their rights and freedoms have been adversely affected. It was part of a recommendation by the 47 member states in the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe and was developed by a range of experts with input from industry, civil society, academia and technical stakeholders. Part of this recommendation was also the dissemination of the guide.

We took it upon ourselves in Denmark to translate, rework and culturally adapt the guide in a way that Danish young people can read and understand their rights as they unfold online. We also asked a group of young people to read and comment on the guide before publishing. The end result is “Your Guide to Human Rights Online” (in Danish) published by the Danish Institute of Human Rights and the Media Council for Children and Young People.