A future prediction: By 2035 humans have returned to human life.Technologies are no longer augmenting, but are now supporting our identity, culture, economy, politics. #dataethics #humanism/ Gry Hasselbalch



A human rights guide for internet users adapted to young people

AWARENESS RAISING: This guide is adapted to you internet users to provide them  with insights into their human rights online.

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The Radio Crypto Party

AWARENESS RAISING: “Henrik Kramshøj is a Whitehat-hacker with his own company, Gry Hasselbalch is active in Privacy and has previously worked for the Danish Media Council for Children and Young People and Alexander Mills is a High School student with a particular interest in safety in cyberspace. I november Aflyttets host Anders Kjærulff invited them to talk about safety and privacy in two programmes…”. The Danish radio programme Aflyttet “Surveilled” brought these two programmes to guide and provide listeners with tools to safeguard their privacy in 2014. Listen to them here (in Danish).

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“Tillid” har været år 2013’s buzz-word. Alle taler om ”tilliden til internettet”, som noget, der skal genskabes og genopbygges. Og den ”mistillid”, der er fulgt efter sidste års afsløringer om masseovervågning, præsenteres som et kerneproblem. Men måske vi skulle vente lidt med at genskabe tilliden til internettet.

This post is in Danish, because it was written for the Danish version of the Day we Fight Back campaign 11 February 2014.  Read the English translation here

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In 2013 I co-founded the Danish Think Tank Digital Youth. The think tank’s primary website consists of more than 70 articles and blog postings on topics related to internet governance and individual’s rights and responsibilities online. As editor of the site I also included a number of links to tools, surveys and guides.

I worked at the Danish Media Council for Children and Young People at that time, so it made perfectly good sense to provide youth and teachers with a tool of “translation” in plain language to help them understand internet governance and deal with their right and responsibilities online.

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