The Internet of Toys: Data Ethical Considerations (a one pager for developers and others)

 1. Data Profiles: An intelligent toy is intelligent because it has a detailed profile on a child that it remembers and act on. Where is the profile stored, who can access it, how is it correlated with other data and online profiles? Can it be deleted ? Should we even create data profiles on children?
2. Algorithms: Algorithms act on, inform and direct an intelligent toy’s interaction with a child. How do we create transparency and ethical standards for the algorithms of toys?
3.Legislation: Technological developments have created legal grey zones that toy developers must take into account in their innovation processes. What are the ethical limits within the grey areas of business innovation targeted children?
4.Security: Special security features are required when children’s personal data is processed. Children are by law considered a vulnerable group that one should exercise extra caution with. Consider the strict security standards that we should demand from developers of Internet connected toys.
5.The proprietary cloud: There is a tendency to centralize and monopolize data in proprietary clouds. The Internet of Toys can exist of many separate toys. The future might see several of these combined in one proprietary cloud. Who owns the children’s disparate data? How do we ensure that children and their guardians have control and retain ownership of their data?
6. Commercial interests: The intelligent toy is a personal playmate that guides the child. How can we ensure that the toy does not become an invisible marketing tool?
7. Social implications: Parents are getting more options to control and monitor their children via the Internet connected toys. Where do we draw the line?
8. Data ethical education and awareness: The foundation of Internet connected toys is data exchange. Data exchanged between the child and the platform, between the child and the parent etc . What type of data education, mindset and culture does the toy entice? Eg. what does it encourage and habitualize children to share via the Internet connected things and services? Where do we teach children to draw the line ?

INTERNET OF TOYS data ethical considerations (in PDF)